Accepting Rejection

Over the course of  21 years on this earth, life has brought me truckloads of surprises – both good and bad – wrapped in the most unimaginable ways possible, brought to me by situations, and from the people I least expected.
The past year in particular has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride. I’ve gone from feeling great to dumped to devastated to consoling myself to screwing up again to rising up to accepting my mistakes and to finally coming to a conclusion: Rejection isn’t the end of the world.

Getting dumped sucks. So does being replaced and slowly faded out. But this roller-coaster did tell me one thing: rejection has a good side. And even though it often takes months for me to face that it simply isn’t worth stressing about, with the right mindset (and supportive friends) I’ve been able to keep my chin up and heart open. In the process, I’ve discovered a thing or two:

1. Face the facts

If someone doesn’t value you and the time you give them, you can’t really do much, right? Spending hours and hours (sometimes even months) crying over what you lost isn’t going to get you anywhere. The sooner you acknowledge that the ‘relationship’ is over, the sooner you can move on. Trust me, life has so much more in line 🙂

2. Forgiving

First of all, forgive yourself. Its one of the hardest steps in life. But it has to be done and fast. Stop beating yourself up for the things you had done or the things you could have. There is nothing much you can do about it now is it? We all are human, so are the people we meet/have relationships with – we all make mistakes. Learn from them.

3. Be thankful 

Be thankful that each situation, however badly it may have affected you, gave you something – at least you’ll always have a story to tell. Each relationship teaches you something; the world is made up of all kinds of people, sometimes they may not be the best. Treat the wounds as battle scars – they will remind you of how you braved the storm. Most importantly be thankful that you had the courage to get out of what was not the best position for you to be in.

4. No regrets

This is probably the most cliched bit. But it works.
Never regret what you did in the past – you did what you did because at that point in time, it seemed right no matter how different things changed later. It is a part of who you are. Be strong and move on.

5. Be badass

And never let anyone tell you who you are. You are the perfect you.

Credits: Alicia Souza
Credits: Alicia Souza

The world flawed. Chill 🙂