That ‘age-old’ dilemma

We all grow up.

That has to be the most OB-VEE-US statement one could make.
Anyway, we grow out of clothes, we grow out of shoes, some of us even grow to tower over our parents (picture a long lanky Weasly kid getting it from Mom Weasley!).
And finally there comes a time when your parents say one of the three things (if not all):

Situation 1: It’s time for you to get married. 

Mom: I think you should get married by 24.
Me: Hells no!
Mom: I was married by 22. And had a kid (yours truly :D) in the next –how long does it take to make a baby again?– 15 odd months.
Me: That’s like too early for me, I think I’ll pass. Also I don’t think I need to be married to do that. *devilish grin*(This is ONE way to shut em up, well, for five minutes )
Mom and Dad : *death stares* 

I like how we’ll never be ‘old enough’ to crack P.G.-13 jokes. Even when our parents talk to us about making babies. :/

Situation 2: You should be working now, mate. Also it’s time you became independent.

–I want to take a moment to congratulate my mommy on landing an awesome job in a start-up magazine after years of taking care of my brother and me during our most ‘crucial’ stages in school (and being a teacher before that!). Also my writing chromosomes come from her. She’s maaaach better though 🙂 —

Mom: Anyone who is working in this house has to cook. 
Me: Hells no. 
Mom: Yeah, I’m working. And I cook (not all the time, mom :P). So you should too, when you work next year.
Me: If we were in America, social services would have locked you up for starving your kids. 
Mom: If we were in America, you would have your own apartment by now, kiddo.
Me: *wonders whether this is a trap and thus remains speechless*
Ok, so what’s for dessert!!! 

Situation 3: The marriage ploy. Again…

Mom: Seriously, find a guy. He should be a Christian, preferably.
Me: Love knows no bounds. Besides, I want to be a hot and sexy spinster journalist.
Dad: Like B*r*ha D*tt? She’s totally lesby.
Me: 😐


So, there you go, the ‘age-old’ dilemma. Cheers to growing up!


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